WPML versus qTranslateX – a Clear Winner?

All over the world people use multilingual websites so they can get information they want in the language they prefer. Closer to home, in Wales, a large minority of web users prefer to access content in Welsh. For this reason, many businesses and organizations in Wales provide bilingual websites giving their visitors the choice to read Welsh or English.

When building a bilingual website there are different approaches to consider depending on what the project needs. Continue reading “WPML versus qTranslateX – a Clear Winner?”

Accessible xhtml tables 1: scope, id, headers

I haven’t had much call for creating hard core data table in my websites as most of the web work I do is promotional websites for companies in the tourism and leisure industry. However when asked to re-write some xhtml for an online bookings system I found some of the information generated seemed to lend itself to tabular organisation. Continue reading “Accessible xhtml tables 1: scope, id, headers”

Pobol Peblig website gets accessibility standard

I’m very pleased to announce that the bilingual Pobol Peblig Partnership website has been awarded the RNIB’s (Royal National Institute of the Blind) See It Right standard for web accessibility. For more information on See It Right, other audits and web accessibility visit the RNIB Web Access Centre.

Our experience of the See It Right auditing process was very positive. It challenged our perceived understanding of web accessibility and allowed us to create a fully accessible solution for our client. The following is an overview of our See It Right experience with some examples of issues we faced and how we solved them. Continue reading “Pobol Peblig website gets accessibility standard”

Your domain name: updating DNS settings and domain transfer

If you have your site redesigned or change your web hosting you will want your domain to point to the new site. This should be straightforward if you registered the domain yourself and look after your account. If someone else registered the domain for you, you might come across problems. This article explains what you need to know, gives a bit of background about domain names & the DNS, and how to go about solving any problems you come across. Continue reading “Your domain name: updating DNS settings and domain transfer”

Building an Accessible Website: RNIB See it Right

A website I’ve just been working on (Pobol Peblig Partnership) is currently being audited by the RNIB under the RNIB See it Right accessibility standard. This article covers some of the things we learned through the audit process, with background information to help understand how to approach building accessible sites and then gives some practical tips and things to remember. Continue reading “Building an Accessible Website: RNIB See it Right”